Is Mycle walking the lonesome road?

Technically, yes. Mycle is doing the physical walking on his own, but he has the undying support of friends, fans, and family. For the Walk Across America, he stayed in small motels along the way. Some nights, he’d crash with hospitable folk.  All of this still needs support!  Learn how you can LEND A HAND on his voyage.

Why all the walking?

Mycle is determined to raise awareness to prevent and care for heart disease, stroke patients and brain injury patients. He wants to publicize the early warning signs of stroke and provide hope and encouragement to stroke and brain injury survivors to keep up with their recovery. As a part of his “Get off the Couch” campaign, he wants everyone to keep moving, start exercising, and stay healthy.

Where’s the walk?

Rockaway Beach, Oregon 2 Rockaway Beach, New York.

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