Lend A Hand

Walking across America is a huge challenge, especially after four strokes. Although at a disadvantage, Mycle’s supporters have propelled him to the finish line.  Here are a few ways you can help:

Donate Directly.

On his next walk, Mycle will need support to ensure his message of inspiration will reach as many stroke survivors as possible. Please help by giving directly to this charitable organization which funds The Walks. Direct donations will provide basic lodging, water and food along the way.


Where Is Mycle? Photo Contest

Have you seen Mycle today? Is he coming to your town? When you see Mycle, take a picture including yourself and post it on his INSTAGRAM PAGE! This isn’t just a walk, it’s a movement and you can be part of it. Reference the CALENDAR for date and location where Mycle will be and join him for a few steps too.

 Donate to the National Stroke Association.

The goal is to raise awareness and donations for the healing programs at the National Stroke Association and the OC Stroke Association. The objective is to raise $10,000 for these organizations to continue their vital research. Every penny counts. Any amount, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated!

Contacting the media and hospitals.

Part of the Mycle’s movement is to speak at hospitals across the country and meet survivors, spreading the word of hope, encouragement, and awareness. The more media coverage, the better. This means Television stations, radio stations, and newspapers. With ample publicity, the journey will undoubtedly be successful.

How can you help? Contact your local media outlets and spread the word. Visit the PRESS KIT for details to provide the media with. Afterwards, please CONTACT us with whom you spoke with and when. We will follow up.

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